Society History

The Launching Pad commenced operation in June of 1994 at a 12-bed facility in Aldergrove, B.C. The founding fathers were Dave Houston who purchased the house and Ed Warnke who managed the facility until 2019. In 2001, we moved to our present facility in South Surrey, where we provide room and board for 30 residents and help alcoholics and addicts learn how to lead clean and sober lives. The South Surrey house was already zoned for a care facility and had been operating as a seniors’ home for some years prior to our arrival. The property, about a half-acre, has proved to be ideal for our purposes and is well situated in South Surrey on the White Rock border. In 27 years of operation, the Launching Pad has seen about a thousand men recover from addiction, and provided room & board for about 5000 men for varying lengths of time. We became a non-profit society in February of 2002, and have registered charity status.

Mission & Mandate

The Launching Pad Addiction Rehabilitation Society is a non-profit agency serving the residents of the province of British Columbia. Its purpose is to provide a vital link in the continuum of services available to recovering adult male alcoholics and addicts. The Launching Pad will assist clients to return to productive and healthy lifestyles, help their families and friends to participate in the recovery process, and create a positive and supportive community response to recovery. Male adult alcoholics/drug addicts will live as clean and sober productive members of the community.

Community Outreach

Substance abuse is a major problem for any community. It results in increased property theft and violence, causes problems in homes, schools and workplaces, is a threat to the community and a major drain on its resources. Our programs have a measurable benefit to the community and to the families of the clients.


We participate at the community level by operating a food recovery program that helps support those who self-identify as needing help. We also collect and distribute warm clothes and blankets for this same vulnerable sector.


Current and former clients are often called upon to speak about substance abuse problems and solutions at various organizations in our area. In fact, our Alumni are a strong support to the clients and organization. Our on-going contribution to society is exemplified by some former clients who have worked at other facilities where they used our programs to provide solutions to hundreds of others affected by substance abuse.


We also provide social events for the clients and families to begin the re-uniting process and we invite family to participate in our Relations Restorative Program.