Benefits to Residents, Family, Friends, & the Community

The Launching Pad Addiction Rehabilitation Society is a non-profit agency serving the residents of the province of British Columbia.  Its purpose is to provide a vital link in the continuum of services available to recovering adult male alcoholics and addicts.  The Launching Pad will assist clients to return to productive and healthy lifestyles, help their families and friends to participate in the recovery process, and create a positive and supportive community response to recovery.

Male adult alcoholics/drug addicts will live as clean and sober productive members of the community. 

They will have individualized programs which lead them to:

  • Achieve and maintain sobriety

  • Improve their level of physical, mental and spiritual Health

  • Be reliably informed about substance abuse and chemical dependency

  • Become happier, honest, loving and caring individuals.

They will have productive lifestyles.  More specifically, they will:

  • Become more accountable, self-reliant and responsible

  • Be employable

  • Have the capacity to provide financially for their families

  • Develop healthy supportive relationships with family and friends.

Families and friends will benefit too as they will be able to:

  • Participate in the development and management of their family member’s program

  • Re-establish positive, trusting communications with their family member/friend

  • Experience peace of mind and quality time with their family member/friend, resulting in increased mutual support

  • Gain appreciation of the disease of addiction/alcoholism and learn strategies to support recovery