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  • The Launching Pad Recovery Society is a total abstinence program and prohibits residents from taking any mind-altering medication (including prescription medication).

  • Occupancy is made available on the strict understanding that the house is to be, at all times, drug and alcohol-free.

  •  Guests or visitors of a resident who are under the influence of any type of mind-altering substances are not permitted, at any time, in the house or on the grounds.

  • Maintains an affordable residential facility for persons of low and moderate-income to enable the pursuit of a program of recovery.

  • The Launching Pad Recovery Society meets the Assisted Living Registry standards and is licensed in good standing by them.





  • Men – Over the age of 19

  • Alcohol and/or drug abuse as a primary diagnosis

  • Mental and physical ability to function in a therapeutic residential group treatment program

  • Fluent in the English language or accessible translation services

  • The Launching Pad requires a total personal commitment from its clients

  • Admission requests can be made by individuals, family members, friends, lawyers, court staff, physicians, psychiatrists, detox facilities, community health centres or referral agents, HOWEVER, ultimately we need to speak to the prospective clients themselves.  

  • Staff will ask potential clients to complete a referral form.

Pending Court Appearances

  • We accept people with pending court appearances, those who have been released on bail and those who have been ordered to attend treatment as part of a sentence.

  • Our staff will often be available to assist with transport to and from jail and/or court, if necessary.




  • The Launching Pad Recovery Society provides room and board for 34 residents in South Surrey British Columbia.  

  • The house has 17 bedrooms downstairs, a two-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment upstairs, and a total of 13 bathrooms.

THE PROGRAM  - ALL participants are required to:


  • Attend all group and individual counselling sessions, community meetings and other group activities as directed.

  • Complete all assigned chores and help with the upkeep of the residences. Click here to see our daily schedule.

  • The program is delivered in phases however, clients do not necessarily pass through phases sequentially or at appointed times and are not considered “cured” upon completion. Click here to learn more about our programs. 




The monthly fee for a room at the Launching Pad is $1100. This includes:

• Room

• Board

• Use of facilities

• Programs and activities

• Transportation to and from scheduled meetings as per daily schedule


  • Individuals on Income Assistance (IA) may have per diem costs covered and receive a comfort allowance from the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation (MSDSI)

  • Depending on the amount received, individuals receiving Canada Pension (CPP) may have some or all of the costs covered by MSDSI or other fee subsidies. If third party financial support is partial, the individual must pay the balance of the per diem costs to The Launching Pad.

  • If the individual is employed, some unions, employers, or health benefits plans may provide financial assistance.

  • Payment plans are available - Only Certified Cheques or VISA is accepted.

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