Statement of Purpose


The purpose of The Launching Pad Addiction Rehabilitation Society is to rehabilitate adult male victims of substance abuse for re-entry into society as contributing citizens. To accomplish this, The Launching Pad manages and maintains a total abstinence, affordable residential facility for persons of low and moderate income to enable pursuit of a 12-step program of recovery and promote living skills.






Launching Pad in the Community

Substance abuse is a major problem for any community. It results in increased property theft and violence, causes problems in homes, schools and workplaces, is a threat to the community and a major drain on its resources. Our programs have a measurable benefit to the community and to the families of the clients. We participate at the community level by regularly serving food to the homeless. We also collect and distribute warm clothes and blankets to the homeless on the street in winter. Current and former clients are often called upon to speak about substance abuse problems and solutions at various organizations in our area, such as at elementary and high schools, several service clubs, like The Lions, Kiwanis and Rotary clubs. In fact, our Alumni are a strong support to the clients and organization. Our on-going contribution to society is exemplified by some former clients who have worked at other facilities where they used our programs to provide solutions to hundreds of others affected by substance abuse. We also provide social events for the clients and families to begin the re-uniting process and we invite family to participate in our Relations Restorative Program.

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