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The Launching Pad has literally saved my life. I did not want to live anymore before coming in and a few weeks in, I had been restored to serenity somewhat and see hope again. Life is worth living!

Darrin O

Before coming to the Pad, my life had no direction. I never knew how to hold a job, have a family or live life. Now I can do all of those things thanks to what I learned here.


The Pad has given me the tools to reconnect with family and society.


The Launching Pad has given me the opportunity, the change to live a life that dreams are made of. That life is not over, just beginning.

Scott M

My experience for the past 256 days in the launching Pad has freely given to me what was so freely given to countless, suffering alcoholics, a program of sobriety, a one day at a time over and over again. I'm so very grateful for this house and AA and my God of my understanding.

Robert F

The Launching Pad has granted me the ability to be present in life. I am now a true friend, son and human.

Jesse S

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