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My name is Austin. I came to the Launching Pad seeking help with my long-term problems with substance abuse. While here I participate in programs to learn more about my addiction problem and I am coached in applying some practical recovery strategies that of which include the "Peer to Peer Kitchen Training Initiative".

Before arriving at the Launching Pad I ran my life into the ground, which became unmanageable due to my alcohol consumption and bad decision making. I didn't have much hope when I first got here, but the other clients that made up this house were much happier than I was at the time, and in wanting what they had found, I became willing to participate in opportunities the Launching Pad offered.

Everyone was expected to take part in the kitchen duties at some point. The thought of cooking dinner and being edible for a couple of dozen others terrified me because, before coming here, I could hardly feed myself, never mind my two daughters. This, among other tasks of healthy living, I was seemingly unable to do, trampled my self-esteem.

I got my food safe here at the Launching Pad, and through the help of others and the Kitchen Program found that I was perfectly capable of handling responsibilities I would need ifI wanted to live a better life than the one I first walked in herewith.

Previously my cooking abilities consisted of under or overcooked pizza pops in my grungy microwave at 3 am, or pizzas I would throw on an already dirty pan, sometimes passing out on while cooking overnight.

I now have a better ability to cook a wider range of healthy meals for myself as well as my two daughters I was not able to properly look after. I will now get to make pancakes with a genuine smile on my face, instead of being full of fear and despair over how I could possibly hope to look after the people I care about when I previously couldn't take care of myself...


The Launching Pad has literally saved my life. I did not want to live anymore before coming in and a few weeks in, I had been restored to serenity somewhat and see hope again. Life is worth living!

Darrin O

Before coming to the Pad, my life had no direction. I never knew how to hold a job, have a family or live life. Now I can do all of those things thanks to what I learned here.


The Pad has given me the tools to reconnect with family and society.


The Launching Pad has given me the opportunity, the change to live a life that dreams are made of. That life is not over, just beginning.

Scott M

My experience for the past 256 days in the launching Pad has freely given to me what was so freely given to countless, suffering alcoholics, a program of sobriety, a one day at a time over and over again. I'm so very grateful for this house and AA and my God of my understanding.

Robert F

The Launching Pad has granted me the ability to be present in life. I am now a true friend, son and human.

Jesse S

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